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Most doctoral programs have very high dropout rates. In fact, about half the students who begin a Ph.D. program do not finish it. The dreaded ABD (All But Dissertation) tag makes it almost impossible to secure a tenure-track position at a large institution. Making matters worse, some institutions overtly shun such students. They may even refuse to write letters of recommendation. So, many of these individuals must abandon their goals and accept an alternate position that they do not really like. Dropping out of a program so close to the end also has substantial emotional fallout, especially since the student has already sacrificed so much time and treasure.

At Powered Essays, we don’t want that to happen to you. We provide the tools that students need to be successful at this stage. That includes almost every phase of the dissertation, from developing the topic to the composing the dissertation to defending it before your future peers. We also help you interface with your adviser, prepare portions of the paper for publication, and otherwise go the extra mile for you. These projects are very time-consuming, so the sooner you reach out to us, the sooner your dissertation will be finished.

Do I Need a Topic Before I Buy a Dissertation Online?

Getting started is often the hardest phase of any project, whether it’s large or small. Dissertation topics are no exception. Many students have a firm grasp of their topic area, but struggle to come up with a focus point that fits all the relevant qualifications. Most topics must be:

  • Narrow enough to give the paper focus,
  • Broad enough to allow for lengthy discussion,
  • Certain enough to be defensible, and
  • Uncertain enough to be interesting.

These concepts are difficult enough for native English speakers who have spent decades in English-speaking institutions. Coming up with an appropriate topic is a near-Herculean task for anyone else.

At Powered Essays, we can take your subject area and fine-tune it into a specific topic that meets all these criteria. Working together, we craft a preliminary outline that your adviser will almost certainly approve. All these services, and more like them, are part of the one price you pay. The process is entirely transparent when you order a dissertation from Powered Essays, and we are proud to share the results with you.

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Some Keys to Successful Writing

A dissertation is more than just a long thesis or a very long research paper. Some places where students order dissertations online make this mistake. Although it contains the same elements, a dissertation is entirely different from these academic projects. Ph.D. students must take a lifetime of education, focus it into one area, and craft a compelling paper that will withstand the most intense scrutiny. That’s no easy task.

Your Powered Essays writing partner is fluent not only in native English but also in the topic area. So, the process is much easier from the start. A better start usually leads to a more satisfying ending. Additionally, we constantly keep the channels of communication open. If you want progress updates or have questions, our 24/7/365 customer support team is among the most responsive ones in the industry. These exchanges between writer and student transform the dissertation from a writing project into a collaborative process, which bodes well for the final step.

How to order

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4.Get your paper done

Completing the Process

It’s much easier for a student to defend a dissertation if that student played a very active role in its creation. In other words, our collaborative process sets you up for success instead of failure. We don’t stop there. Out writing partners also engage in activities up to mock defense sessions, so our students are fully prepared for anything the panel is likely to throw at them.

Where’s the Best Place to Order Dissertations Online?

When you trust an online service with what is essentially your life’s work, you deserved a customer-centric experience that inspires confidence. Ove the course of many years, we’ve built such a process from the ground up. So, when you partner with Powered Essays, you can expect:

  • A Customized Work: In a lengthy process with tight deadlines and high expectations, it’s very easy to take shortcuts and bury them deep so no one will ever know. But our writers have a clear mandate to do what’s best for our students, and not to do what’s best for our pocketbook. So, the dissertation you will soon proudly publish is uniquely yours.
  • Privacy and Security: These items are almost as important as the paper itself. We go to great lengths to protect your privacy and keep the transaction secure. As soon as you get order confirmation after you buy the dissertation online, you can be confident that your custom dissertation will be delivered as timely and professionally as possible.
  • A Competitive Price: Powered Essays is proud not to be the cheapest source for online dissertations. Your future does not belong to the lowest bidder. In addition to a competitive price, we offer a wide range of services that truly deliver value for your dollar.

We back all these things with an industry-best money back guarantee.

A Ph.D. dissertation is your crowning academic achievement. To start the fitting and measuring process, contact Powered Essays today.

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