If a project goes over-budget on money, there are a number of available work-arounds. For example, the project manager could trim costs, adjust the project guidelines, or generate additional revenue. But if a project goes over-budget on time, options are much more limited for the project manager (or the writer in this case). Once time is gone, it is gone forever. Extensive research and writing projects often exceed their time budgets. Sometimes the process takes longer than expected and sometimes other priorities interfere with work on the paper. If there is simply not enough time to complete editing, proofreading, and other necessary tasks, writers basically have two options: Ask the instructor for an extension, which is not likely to be granted, or turn to an essay composition assistance service.

Powered Essays writing partners focus not only on customizing essays from the ground up, but also on fine-tuning the papers, Power Point presentations, and other projects that our students produce. Rather than lose valuable points because of correctable errors and gaps, students can enlist the help of a professional writer who knows the subject area, respects the student’s work, and knows how to make it even better. This collaborative process is a win-win for both the student and writing partners. The student gets optimal results, and the writing partner passionately engages in the subject matter.

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What Types of Projects Do You Edit?

A few writers work very well under extreme time pressure, but most writers require time for the creative process to unfold. In many cases, there simply is not enough time to complete the academic project according to the writer’s vision. Powered Essays stands in the gap. Because we work with such a large group of students, and because we have such a large stable of writing partners, we offer professional editing services for a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Class Presentation: Through no fault of their writers, many academic Power Point and other presentations suffer from the MEGO (my eyes glaze over) effect. The subject is simply not engaging. Our writing partners infuse these presentations with their passion for the subject, giving your project an edge that the instructor will appreciate.
  • Term Paper: Solid research and solid writing usually earns a solid grade. Add world-class editing, proofreading, suggestions, and other fine-tuning to your solid effort, and the results often improve commensurately.
  • Thesis/Dissertation: Because of the insanely high word count requirement and the fact that most students write these papers over the course of many months, there is often some repetition. Moreover, some very good points fall by the wayside. Powered Essays writers give the work additional focus without sacrificing the content you worked so hard to produce. Your editing partner also looks at the paper with fresh eyes to help you identify both strong points and weak areas.

We provide editorial assistance at all academic levels, so each student partner gets a customized experience from start to finish.

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What is the Editing Process?

Professional academic editing goes far beyond running the paper through an online grammar-check tool or some other mechanical service. Of course, each of our editors uses a keen eye for detail to replace commas with semicolons and perform other such tasks. But at Powered Essays, we always encourage our writing partners to take the next step and go the extra mile. In the academic editing context, that process involves things like:

  • Focus: You worked very hard to develop a compelling thesis statement or overall theme for the project. Our editors make sure that central idea shines through in every paragraph of content that you produce, keeping the reader engaged from start to finish.
  • Audience: This factor is particularly important with regard to a dissertation, journal article, book review, or other work that’s designed for multiple audiences. A book publisher often wants something different from a peer review committee or an instructor. Our editors help ensure that your words connect with these different readers.
  • Idioms/Examples: Nearly all of our non-native English speaking partners have excellent language skills that they have refined over the course of many years. But that simply cannot substitute for the language skills of a native speaker who knows how to best communicate complex ideas in easy-to-understand terms. We don’t dumb down your paper, but we do make it more readable.

From the technical and mundane to the esoteric and artistic, Powered Essays editing partners have what it takes to make a difference.

Why Should I Use Powered Essays?

The process described above means nothing without the best available writing partners, and that’s one thing students find at Powered Essays. We only work with the top native English speakers in a given field. Our standards are very high, because our student partners deserve nothing less.

Furthermore, Powered Essays is one of the most well-established essay writing services on the planet. Our website features many testimonials from satisfied student partners, and we will do what it takes to add your name to that list of student partners whose expectations we exceeded.

Finally, Powered Essays is not the cheapest editing service. Our editorial partners and process comes at a premium, and your academic future is no place to cut corners. However, we well understand the budget constraints that most students face. We were broke university students once ourselves! So, we endeavor to keep our prices competitive, given the wide range of services we offer.

Make the right choice and let Powered Essays improve your excellent academic work.

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