The reasons that top students turn to a top essay writing service like Powered Essays are as diverse as the students themselves:
- Time pressure,
- Lack of English skills,
- Competing priorities, and
- Lack of motivation.

Sometimes, students rely on a writing service for a combination of these reasons. All these areas are perfectly legitimate shortcomings that touch all talented students to one degree or another. Ignoring the problem, or trying to push one’s way through it, usually does not improve a partially-complete essay. As a result, it’s very common for students who face these shortcomings to get extremely depressed, especially if they are away at school and isolated from their homes.

Despite all these obstacles, your instructor expects a top-flight essay, class presentation, or other project. Many times, such expectations simply aren’t realistic. At Powered Essays, we do much more than provide customized academic works backed by a strong guarantee. We give our student partners peace of mind, and that’s something that cannot be bought or sold.

High School Essays

Many people agree that their high school years are some of the best times in life. Most students receive their first real academic challenges during these years as well. These challenges are very difficult to overcome if the student faces other obstacles in life, and that’s true in most cases. Regardless of outside circumstances, such as other class assignments, extracurricular activities, or cultural barriers, most high school instructors expect college level work.

At Powered Essays, we help high school students exceed these lofty expectations. We provide customized academic projects that give students foundations for future success. We pair our student partners with writing partners that are committed to academic excellence.

College/University Papers

By the time students reach college, most instructors expect their students to produce quality content that’s backed by solid research within a narrow time window. For one reason or another, that’s not always possible. In these situations, there are a number of reasons to count on Powered Essays:

  1. Competitive Price: Our custom essays are not the cheapest ones that students can find. But they are the most cost-effective, in terms of the quality and additional services we provide. Good grades come through high investment and not through shortcuts.
  2. Native English Speakers: We have very high standards for our writing partners. Joseph Conrad could not write a Heart of Darkness commentary for Powered Essays because even though he spent most of his adult life in the United Kingdom, he was not a native English speaker. This rule excludes some very brilliant minds, but helps ensure quality and consistency from our writing partners.
  3. Security: No one else will know about your Powered Essays transaction. We guarantee privacy and transparency, because we know how important these things are.

Powered Essays wiring partners examine your mostly-complete work with fresh eyes. They are very mindful of the project’s overall themes and they help ensure that the paper stays true to these themes. Moreover, they keep the project’s audience in mind when making or proposing edits, and that’s something that Grammarly and its ilk could never hope to do.

Whether you are just beginning your academic project or ready to put on the finishing touches, reach out to Powered Essays today.

These core values are more than just talk. We back them up with a money-back guarantee and our promise to deliver the best quality project.

Postgraduate Projects

Theses and dissertations are the crowning achievements for a lifetime of academic work. The stakes are simply too high to trust these important works to anyone other than Powered Essays.

These works are unique for several reasons. They are insanely long, so it is difficult for writers to keep these works focused. Moreover, they draw upon year of academic work and not just a single course or symposium. Finally, they must be publication quality, which is a notch above a solid course grade.

Our writing partners can take your work to the next level, so that working together, you can produce a quality thesis or dissertation that will stand the test of time.

Academic Editing

It’s very difficult to serve as both writer and editor. Many times, pride of authorship stands in the way of an effective message. Other times, fatigue sets in and simple mistakes get overlooked. Still other times, academic writers simply run out of time to perfect their works.

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